Cyclist admits to being at fault after striking vehicle at crossing along Schuylkill River Trail in Conshohocken. Interesting discussion among cyclists on trail safety

According to a June 20th post on Reddit (in r/phillycycling), there was another collision between a car and a cyclist at a crossing along the Schuylkill River Train in Conshohocken. This would be the third such collision in the past couple of months that we are aware of.

In a post titled “Collided with a Car in Conshy,’ TitanUp9370 writes:

Just sharing my experience with others…I’ve been trying to get longer weekday bike rides in, but that brings more commuters. I usually safely zip through the road crossings by the railroad tracks on the SRT [Schuylkill River Train].

This morning, around a particularly blind one, I collided with a car. My bike will probably need a new front rim, but I am physically fine. I yelled at the guy, but I was definitely largely in the wrong for going too fast.

My point in sharing this; as I’m sure most of you do, exercise extreme caution around those crossings, especially the overgrown ones where it’s impossible to see cars as you cross heading west on the SRT [Schuylkill River Train].

In the responding comments, other cyclists share their experiences riding the trail through Conshohocken, which includes close calls, lack of sight lines due to vegetation, and even finding using Washington Street, East Hector, or East Elm safer for cyclists.

Most importantly, other cyclists share that those using the trail have stop signs, while vehicles crossing the tracks have the right of way.

Here are some examples from the comments:

The overgrown foliage was so bad I had to enter the intersection to actually be able to see if it was clear.

Yeah the stretch with those railroad crossings is definitely a place where you’ve gotta pay attention. There is another option too, which is to cross the tracks yourself and just stay on Washington Street until you’re past them.

I personally prefer riding Elm & Hector streets through Conshy instead of the SRT. No pedestrians and you can maintain a much faster speed safer. 

I had something similar happen to me a month or so ago, but was lucky enough to slam on my brakes in time. Like you, I yelled at the driver despite it being my fault and only admitted it to myself after I rode away.

Doesn’t the SRT have stop signs for trail traffic at all of those road crossings? OP, bro, you were 100% at fault and could have gotten yourself killed.

Good PSA, the greenery is really getting overgrown near the Spring Mill station. I’ve had the same issue a few times and a close call in the rain just the other day at the Conshohocken station, luckily the car stopped. 

Not trying to be a jerk but as you already know you were at fault here. This is the type of shit that gives cyclists a bad name.

The SRT through Conshy has declined in the last few years. I’m happy there has been some trail repairs, but the risk of a car hitting you has gotten worse. It’s probably time to venture towards Green Lane again and bail on the SRT, but I am a pushover for the nominal elevation changes.

Photo: Google