Daycare seeking zoning relief to open in Conshohocken

The last time we reported on the property at 1207 Butler Pike in Conshohocken (Whitemarsh Township) a music school received zoning relief to open in the building on the backside of the property. That business decided against opening the school and now a daycare, The Little Kids Corner, is seeking to open in the building.

From the May 7th agenda of the Whitemarsh Township Zoning Hearing Board:

ZHB #2024-16: The Little Kids Corner, LLC; 1207 Butler Pike, Conshohocken, PA 19428; Parcel # 65-00-01033-00-9; Block 020; Unit 019; B – Residential District; The Applicant is proposing a change in nonconforming use. The following relief is requested: Variance from Section 116-192. to allow a change to a new nonconforming use, a day care facility in an existing nonconforming building. There are two commercial buildings on the lot located in a B-Residential District; the proposed use would be located in the rear building, previously used as an insurance office. The proposed use would potentially be
designated for a district with less restrictive regulations than the previous nonconforming office use.

The Little Kids Corner appears to be a new business and not part of a chain of daycare centers.

Photo: EXP Realty