Democrat in Plymouth Township received Republican ballot for Lower Gwynedd

Plymouth Township resident Megan Penrice had applied for a mail-in ballot for the June 2nd primary and was told it was mailed on May 7th. She received it today (May 22nd).

When she opened it, she found there were two problems. The first was that it was a Republican ballot. Penrice is a Democrat. The second issue was that it was a ballot for Lower Gwynedd Township. She lives in Plymouth Township.

On her Facebook page, Penrice shared a photo of the ballot and wrote:

Is this a joke?!? My ballot was mailed 5/7 and I just received it and it’s a republican ballot for a township I don’t live in. Get your act together, Montco. I should never have thought the county could do this in an organized and efficient manner.

The upcoming June 2nd primary election provides voters the opportunity to vote by mail due to the pandemic. Thus far, Montgomery County has mailed out ballots to tens of thousands of voters with conflicting instructions and there is now at least one example of someone receiving the wrong ballot.

Today during the county’s press conference we will ask if there are reports of others receiving the wrong ballot.

Photo: Megan Penrice