Developers of Wawa Repond to CRA’s Traffic Video

The developers of the proposed Wawa issued a statement yesterday to regarding the press release and video released by the Conshohocken Revitalization Alliance challenging Wawa’s traffic study:

The traffic study conducted by McMahon Transportation Planners is a thorough study of the specific effects the proposed Wawa will have on Fayette Street traffic. The traffic study was conducted using the industry standard guidelines which include traffic data from existing similar Wawa stores. This traffic study, like all studies required in the approval process of new developments, will be reviewed by an independent traffic engineer hired by the borough as well as Penndot.

The video of traffic at Wawa locations in West Chester and Pottstown, released by the Conshohocken Revitalization Alliance, is not comparable to the traffic patterns in Conshohocken. The video shows cars exiting and entering Wawa from heavy-trafficked streets without a clear distinction of nearby traffic lights, a situation that is not similar to the patterns at 11th and Fayette. The Wawa development team stands by the findings of the traffic study and will continue to work with the Conshohocken Borough Planning Commission, Borough Council and local residents on the design elements and traffic flow for the proposed new store.