Does Conshy Have Good Pizza?

I just got done reading the latest issue of Philadelphia Magazine that lists the 50 best pizza places in the Philadelphia region.  As I read through the article I eagerly awaited finding which place(s) from Conshohocken would be included.  If you did the same, I am sure you are as disappointed as I am.

There were two references to Conshy and only one referenced Conshohocken by name.  Franzone’s was listed among the top 50, but the article only mentioned their Bridgeport location and not the one on Ridge in Conshohocken.  The other mention was of the Conshohocken Italian Bakery, which was in a sidebar column discussing if tomato pie is pizza or not.

So Conshohocken, which places in Conshohocken did Philadelphia Magazine miss and why does it deserve to be among the best 50 pizza places in the region?  Comment below…..