Effort to rehome hundreds of goldfish living in a concrete pond in Conshohocken

Today we learned about a concrete pond in Conshohocken that accidentally became the home of hundreds of goldfish sometime around 1999. The company that has made its home on the property is closing its operation and the fish need to find a new home.

Helping to find a new home or homes for the fish is Steven Burda, who runs a Facebook group that rehomes koi and goldfish (note that this pond is filled with goldfish, not koi). Burda works in Conshohocken.

When we spoke to Burda he stressed that these are not goldfish that you would buy for a small home tank. These goldfish are large and need a pond or large tank to thrive.

The goldfish are available for free and you need to bring a net to catch them. The location is being kept a secret as it is an industrial property and they only want people who are genuinely interested in rehoming the fish to enter their property.

You can contact Burda for more information at KoiGoldfishRehoming@gmail.com.