Email Shows Whitemarsh’s Board of Supervisors Concerned Decisions Regarding Phase 2 of The Hill at Whitemarsh Would Become “Political Football” in 2013 Election

A May 2013 email (pictured above) has obtained expresses the Whitemarsh’s Board of Supervisors concern that the issues around Phase 2 of The Hill at Whitemarsh would impact the 2013 election.

The email was sent by Whitemarsh’s solicitor, Sean Kilkenny, to The Hill at Whitemarsh’s attorney Ross Weiss. According to the email, it was sent at the request of Rick Mellor, the township manager (and he is cc’ed on the email).

The issue in regards to The Hill at Whitemarsh mostly centered on how the equipment and trucks would enter and exit the property. The Hill at Whitemarsh wanted to use a path that runs along the backs of the homes on Fountain Green Road. The residents of the neighborhood wanted routes a greater distance from their homes utilized. We will have more on this in the coming days and weeks.

In regards to the email, a couple things to consider:

  • As township staff, Mellor, along with Kilkenny (who is an appointed outside attorney), shouldn’t be communicating the political considerations of the Supervisors in regards to business before the township
  • Shouldn’t it be the default position that all matters that require the Planning Commission’s input are “thoroughly vetted”? If it wasn’t close to an election, would the process have been different?

You can download a PDF of the email here.

More to come.