Even more on MrBeast Burger and Flavortown Kitchen

MrBeast Burger opened its virtual restaurant in the area yesterday. We tried to figure out where the ghost kitchen for the virtual restaurant (meaning it only offers delivery) is located, but have not had any luck. This included driving all around the Plymouth Meeting Mall (which is the address used) looking for a sign (we figured there would have to be at least one sign to let the delivery drivers from the various apps know they were at the right place). No such luck.

We emailed with a representative of Virtual Dining Concepts, the company managing the virtual restaurant. We asked where the food is coming from and received the following response:

We do have a few locations in the vicinity of the mall and one that shares the address. I’m not able to officially confirm the exact location at this time, however, you can reference our website and plug in the address to find the closest kitchen we have operating MrBeast Burger.

We also learned that Virtual Dining Concepts is the company launching Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Kitchen, which is another delivery-only restaurant that uses The Plymouth Meeting Mall’s address. It will launch in early 2021.

UPDATE – We now believe that the restaurant at the mall that is acting as the kitchen is Bertucci’s. If you go to the DoorDash page for MrBeast in North Wales, it lists Bertucci’s as where the food originates. In our area, it just says MrBeast Burger. There is also a thread about the restaurant on Reddit that mentions Bertucci’s as one of the main kitchens.