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  1. Santa Tour with the Barren Hill Fire Company

    Community, Hosted By Barren Hill Fire Company

  2. Took place on Saturday, December 19th, 2020 @ 5:00pm
  3. The Barren Hill Fire Company will be taking Santa on a tour of the neighborhoods it serves on Saturday, December 19th starting at dusk. Below are some things to remember. 
    - Santa must remain socially distant.
    - Santa cannot get off his sleigh, nor take any pictures, nor hand out presents.
    - Unfortunately, we will not be giving out candy canes this year.
    - Our Volunteers will be riding along with Santa. Santa will not be stopping.
    - 2020 COVID restrictions and social distancing, that are changing our normal annual Santa Run plans, is not making our Volunteers Happy. Unfortunately, it is necessary for everyone's health and safety!
    Here are some annual reminders of our Santa Run Event:
    - A chase car will come through the neighborhood, flashing lights and blaring sirens. This is your cue to come outside to the curb for Santa. Santa will be about 2 minutes behind this initial siren.
    - We will bring Santa to every street in our district. Please Please Please be patient.
    - There is no way to determine a time frame for when we will be on a particular street. You have to listen for the sirens!!
    - We will try our best to update our Facebook page with upcoming neighborhood streets. Please continue to watch our page through out the day, Saturday, for regular updates.
    Finally, as we travel through the Community, usually somewhere between 4.5 and 5 hours, in usually below 30 degree temperatures, our Fire Company remains in service. Our Volunteers are leaving their families at home, including young children, to help bring some joy to the Community. Since we are still in service, there is a chance that our Volunteers may need to respond to a call for service. While we hope to make the 4.5-5 hours without a response, we don't get to choose that! If it is feasible, we will pick up where we left off after the emergency incident is mitigated.
    The annual Santa Runs are one of the greatest highlights of the year for our VOLUNTEERS. While your children are in awe of Santa driving by on a fire truck, our Volunteers truly look forward to this night, escorting Santa past more than 5000 residences, seeing the joy and happiness left on the Community.
    The Officers and Members of the Barren Hill Volunteer Fire Company wish everyone in our Whitemarsh Community, a Healthy, Happy and Fire Safe Holiday Season!!

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