Footprint for Helipad Laid Out Along River

A footprint for the helipad has been laid out behind the Millennium office buildings along the river. Not sure if it has been FAA approved yet, but I have a call in to find out. I did speak to Stephen Forster of O’Neill Properties somewhat recently about the helipad and he said that sound tests were done that included the Londonbury property and homes along Elm.  He said the testing found that a helicopter did not create noise much greater than the trains.

The above photo was shot on the paved path looking towards Londonbury.  The footprint crosses the existing paved path, so expect that to have to be re-routed.  As we reported earlier, there is also supposed to be a dog park in this area as well.  I could not find any markings for where that would be located.

Keep you posted.