Forget what you know about your primary care office and let me introduce you to CLIMB in Lafayette Hill

Forget what you know about your primary care office and let me introduce you to CLIMB. Accessibility, personal attention, and genuine care are the cornerstones of this new concierge medical practice in Lafayette Hill. CLIMB is going to change the way you think about care. It’s the care we all deserve.

Walk into CLIMB Health & Wellness and you will feel the calm and the community. Whether you’re coming for a doctor’s visit, therapy appointment, nutrition workshop, fitness class, or combination of these, you’ll likely find concierge doc Jessie Fields sipping coffee while responding to patient messages and therapist Amy Kempe standing at the counter preparing for her next group session. CLIMB is a place you look forward to going rather than avoiding, a place you belong and genuinely feel cared for and supported. At CLIMB you can be proactive about your health, express yourself, and be heard. CLIMB makes care easy.

You feel at home.

The founders of CLIMB share a vision to create a model that transcends the status quo to provide personal, approachable, collaborative care. Jessie Fields, MD, an experienced primary care physician and personal trainer, and Amy Kempe, LPC, a well-regarded therapist who has recently published a book as a reference for her colleagues, founded CLIMB after witnessing –firsthand – the limitations of the current healthcare system. They came together to turn medical care on its head in the best possible way: no barriers, easily attainable care, and a welcoming community.

So, what does Concierge Medicine really mean? As Jessie Fields says, “concierge medicine is about medicine designed around you. I’m available any time, and for any amount of time, to see my patients, answer their questions or concerns, and work with them to achieve their goals. I love being able to see a patient for a visit and then later that day, join them for a workout, and perhaps later that week, participate with them in a nutrition discussion.” Need to reschedule an appointment? No problem – could even be later that day or the next day. Try that at your current office. Working through a difficult time in life? At CLIMB, your appointment will always start on time, and could be for an hour, or more if needed, and could be held together with a therapist.

Mental Health services are woven into the fabric of CLIMB. Amy Kempe leads mental health services, including individual therapy, group therapy, meditation, workshops, and mental health alignment. Mental health care is openly addressed and treated as part of your overall health – as it should be. According to Amy, “CLIMB is not just changing primary care, it’s a new approach to therapy as well. We can seamlessly support and connect mind, body, and spirit in a completely new way. I can already see the many positive ways our new model is helping people grow, take risks, and find lasting fulfillment.”

CLIMB doesn’t just stop with primary care and mental health. Monthly group workshops on varied topics provide pertinent information, some humor, and ample time for Q&A to give you sensible, sustainable nutritional advice and support. The fitness studio at CLIMB features varied and customizable classes, from boot camps to yoga (Vinyasa, Therapeutic Hatha, and Nidra) and mat Pilates. All small group boutique classes that engage you with your body. CLIMB partners with two other providers to offer onsite massage and physical therapy as well.

CLIMB offers four different membership options, incorporating varying levels of services – mental health, nutrition, and fitness – seamlessly blended, all with concierge medical care at the core. They also offer additional supplemental services so you can customize your journey exactly as you’d like to focus on your health.

The providers at CLIMB are so happy to be here for you, holistically treating, supporting, and encouraging members to live their best lives – mind, body, and soul. Jessie and Amy welcome you to the community and would love to have you come try a class or workshop or for a meet and greet so you can experience the difference – how CLIMB is redefining primary care.