Former Conshohocken dance instructor who was convicted of statutory sexual assault arrested in Norristown after recording device discovered in bathroom at unlicensed dance studio

Frank Laurenzi, who briefly owned a dance studio upstairs on the 100 block of Fayette Street in Conshohocken, was sentenced in 2015 to nine to 23 months in jail and five years probation for having sex with a teenage student and recording some of their encounters. Laurenzi had also taught dance at a studio in Royersford, where he had initially met the student.

Laurenza is back in the news as the Norristown Police Department has announced the arrest of Laurenzi after an investigation involving Laurenzi having a recording device in the bathroom of an unlicensed dance studio he operated out of his home in Norristown.

According to the press release, a dance student (it wasn’t mentioned if the student was an adult or minor) was asked by Laurenza to change into a dance outfit. Once in the bathroom, the student noticed what looked to be a cell phone charging device that she believed was a disguised recording device due to a TikTok video she had watched that warned about this type of deception. The student removed the memory card from the device (which had recorded her unchanging) and turned it over to the Norristown Police Department.

After formal interviews, police secured a search warrant for the property and an arrest warrant for Laurenza. Police seized electronic and media storage devices from the property and are in the process of attempting to identify other possible victims.

Police are asking that anyone who has taken dance lessons from “Frankie G” of the “FG Dance Academy” in Norristown to contact the department at (610) 270-0491 or (610) 270-1504.

Photo: Norristown Police Department