Four applicants before Conshohocken’s Zoning Hearing Board on February 26th

There are four items on the February 26th agenda for Conshohocken’s zoning hearing board. The meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. at the borough hall at 400 Fayette Street.

The first hearing involves a petitioner, TS 16, LLC, appealing a zoning enforcement notice. The borough’s zoning officer determined in January 2023 that the property at 5 Colwell Lane can not be used for outdoor storage of materials because the property falls within the floodplain conservation overlay district and there is the concern that the item may move off the property when there is flood. The property is adjacent to the Plymouth Creek.

In addition, TS 16 is appealing zoning use and occupancy permit denials and is seeking a variance to permit new contractor storage and office uses, outdoor storage of materials, permanent structures, and utilizing the site as a parking lot for contractor vehicles and equipment within the floodplain. These uses are not permitted by right and are prohibited within the overlay floodplain conservation district.

You can find all the details on this issue here (pages 2-54).

The second hearing involves CRB Group, a tenant in Seven Tower Bridge, seeking a variance to allow a second 60 square foot illuminated wall sign on the garage parapet adjacent to the bridge. You can find details on this issue here (pages 55-110).

The third hearing involves HOW Real Estate Investments, LLC,, which owns Leeland mansion at 720 Fayette Street. HOW is proposing to convert two sections of the carriage house (that once served as Conshohocken’s police station) into two short-term residential rentals. You can find details on this issue here (pages 111-130).

The final hearing involves an application that seeks to utilize the property at 422 West 6th Avenue that long served as a salvage yard as parking facility for a moving company. The applicants, David Krmpotich and Jane Krmpotich, are requesting a variance as it pertains to the use of the property due to the storage of vehicles not being an allowed within the zoning district and a special exception to construct a retaining wall. You can find details on this issue here (pages 131-)