Governor Wolf’s proposed redistricting map pushes Conshohocken and West Conshohocken into Delco and South Philly congressional district

The fight in Harrisburg over redistricting will directly impact the boroughs of Conshohocken and West Conshohocken.

The boroughs sit on the boundary of the current fourth congressional district represented by Madeline Dean (D). This district, which represents almost all of Montgomery County, was created in 2018 by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court after the general assembly was determined by the court to have used gerrymandering to organize districts.

In recent memory, Conshohocken has been split between two congressional districts. One ward was included with the Chester County centered district represented by Jim Gerlach (R) and the other six wards were included in the Delaware County centered district represented by Pat Meehan (R). All of West Conshohocken was in Meehan’s district.

Locally, the 2018 map was met with much positive fanfare because it created a district that represented almost all of Montgomery County (along with a tiny bit of Berks County). Changing demographics in Montgomery County created a fairly safe district for Democrats.

Left – From the governor’s proposed map.
Right – From the “Grove” map. Conshy and West Conshy are circled.

The country is now conducting redistricting in response to the 2020 Census. The new “Grove” map being pushed by the Republicans in the legislature (that Governor Wolf has threatened to veto) keeps Conshohocken and West Conshohocken within the fourth congressional district and politically tied (at the congressional level) with most of Montgomery County. The governor’s map moves both boroughs into a district that would consist of Delaware County and South Philly. In both maps, Whitemarsh and Plymouth townships would stay within the fourth congressional district.

Please note that we reported on this specific on how it impacts communities locally. We did not look at the ramifications down the line.

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