Hanky Panky Along Maple Street

The Times Herald reports that a couple was discovered making whoopee in a grass area along Maple Street. Below is the recap of the incident from the paper:

On Aug. 18 at 1:52 a.m., police patrolling the 600 block of Maple Avenue heard, then saw, a male and female, both nude from the waist down, having sexual relations in a grassy area by the sidewalk. Police interrupted the couple and ordered them to get dressed. The woman told the reporting officer that she hadn’t seen her companion in a while and they had recently been drinking at a nearby establishment. Police determined that both suspects were intoxicated. After clearing a check for warrants and being citing the pair for disorderly conduct, police released them. The female walked to a friend’s house. The male told police he would call a cab to take him home.

No word if he ended up buying breakfast.