Has a Rock Ever Hit Your Windsheld?

Did you know………..

Has a rock ever hit your windshield, and cause a “chip” , and you thought to yourself, “Oh well, I will deal with this later?”

Please do not wait. Why? Because it can be repaired, and it will not cost you anything, as long as you have comprehensive coverage, under your automobile policy. Insurance companies will waive any Glass repair. However, once the “chip” in you windshield has spread, usually longer then six inches, then you are looking to replace your windshield. If you carry a higher comprehensive deductible, then you will be most likely looking at an “out of pocket expense”.

There are insurance companies such as Chubb, Fireman’s Fund, ACE Group, and Safeco to name a few, that do offer Full Glass Coverage under the Comprehensive coverage, where a windshield replacement would be covered at no cost to you. However, if it chip can be repaired, why allow the chip to spread? There are quite a few Specialty Glass Companies to chose from that have Mobile Units, and will come to your home, or place of Employment. Other benefits of repairing a windshield over replacing one are:

• It takes less time to repair a windshield then to replace one
• The vehicle will maintain the factory seal
• There is less of a chance for damage to a vehicle
• The repair process is environmentally friendly
• Repairs are typically fully guaranteed
• And, the repair process does not change the structural integrity of the glass (1)

So please, the next time you get a chip on your windshield call, your Agent or insurance company, and make arrangements to have your windshield repaired. You will be saving yourself aggravation and money.

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Jayne Shaw, CISR