History of a Quarry Off Colwell Lane

Last week we shared with you an article about Sherry Lake provided by the Conshohocken Historical Society. While that article was being researched, The Conshohocken Historical Society discovered a lot of additional information about the area’s other quarries.

The above picture is of a stone quarry in “East Conshohocken” (now Conshohocken) in the mid-1800s on what is now Colwell Lane looking back toward West Second thru West Fourth avenues in Conshohocken. Today this area is occupied by Rumsey Electric while the area just to the left of this picture is now occupied by the houses of Freedly Square.

What Mike Poniatowicz of the Conshohocken Historical Society found amazing about this picture is that:

  • He has lived just off of Colwell Lane for large parts of his life and never knew that the area pictured was once a quarry
  • According to a number of his more senior friends, who grew up between West 2nd and West 6th Avenues in Conshohocken, the house which is shown at the very back of this picture is still standing. It is located at the dead end of West 4th Avenue. The original owners were a family named Bosak

More historical articles to come.

Photo: Provided by Conshohocken Historical Society