How is the real estate coaching at RE/MAX Ready?

Every company has the same information. The difference at RE/MAX Ready is leadership and mentoring.

Bill Howlett joined the team at RE/MAX Ready 11 years ago.

“I was working in private equity when I met Eric and Matt. I ended up joining them as an agent and I’ve never looked back.”

Coaching is the foundation of Bill’s success.

“I still spend an hour a week in one-on-ones with Eric or Matt, learning and improving. Those guys work incredibly hard to keep up with trends and changes in the business, and they’re there for me any time, literally 24/7. Everyone on the team feels supported the same way. And our not-so-secret weapon is office manager Ursula Campbell!”

Bill likes RE/MAX Ready’s emphasis on authenticity.

“Be yourself, be honest, and build on your strengths. That’s the coaching we get every day. Matt and Eric do everything by the book, the right way. And the agents all support each other.”

Bill’s advice for agents?

“Change is the nature of our business. I’m lucky I found RE/MAX Ready but with Eric and Matt, good luck always comes from great preparation. Every factor lines up perfectly here to let an agent build success his or her own way.”