Ideas for Conshohocken | No. 1 | The Best Resolution for the Moore Property and Its Not a Wawa

Over the next few weeks, is going to publish a series of articles, Ideas for Conshohocken, which will offer ideas on how to improve the town and resolve continuing issues.

Here is the first idea. CVS should move from its current store at 613 Fayette Street to a new store at the Moore property at 12th and Fayette. Here is why it makes sense:

  • Why another Wawa or similar business? It is almost impossible to enter Conshohocken without passing by or near a Wawa. There are Wawa’s located on 23, Butler Pike, Germantown at Joshua Road, and the latest one at Ridge and Diamond (the former terminus of Conshohocken Road). There is plenty of Wawa available in Conshohocken.
  • The developer involved, Provco (along with Goodman Properties), is already doing business with CVS.
  • The former Exxon at East 7th and Fayette is already for sale as a redevelopment property. If the CVS property at 613 Fayette Street also goes on the market, a true bridge could be built between lower Fayette and the upper avenues. Imagine a full block (split between both sides of East 7th) redeveloped with shops on the ground floor and then upper-level offices or apartments/condos.
  • If you want a market in town, this potentially opens up the space for at least a small one.
  • The current CVS sucks. This gives you a new nice one.
  • It would alleviate many of the issues that concern the neighbors of the Moore property. CVS isn’t a 24-hour business model (the current one closes at 10:00 p.m.). It wouldn’t draw the bar crowd after midnight. No gas pumps. Etc.

Observant readers will pick up on the fact that we often mention the overabundance of CVS’ in the area (there is one approximately every two to three miles between downtown Conshy and Maple Glen). Note that this plan will just update and replace the current one, not add another one.

Tell us what you think of this scenario in the comments.