If Approved, Who Could be the Tenant of the Convenience Store and Gas Pumps Between 11th and 12th on Fayette

So during last night’s Zoning Hearing regarding the proposed convenience food store and gas pumps, that is not associated with Wawa or another tenant at this time, we got to thinking about what this could end up being if not a Wawa. As we have reported, Wawa has withdrawn from this zoning application. So it is important to think down the road and consider what companies are potential tenants for this property if the zoning relief is granted.

So besides Wawa, what are other concepts involve gas pumps, convenience stores and food? There are a few:

mcdonalds convenience store
Mobil Gas Station and Convenience Store and McDonald’s

Last night we asked this question to a couple people who are involved in this zoning hearing. It didn’t appear that this question has not been thoroughly considered. What constitutes food? Does it constitute cooking? Or does it just constitute cold or warmed items? Is a McDonald’s possible? Most likely not because McDonald’s will want seating and the developer is not proposing a seating area (or a drive thru). But in regards to simply preparing and selling food, no one really knew the answer.

pacific west
A screen capture of a Pacific West General Store in California.


If its not a Wawa, then what is it? Can it be a convenience store and gas station with a Taco Bell Express, Dunkin Donuts, Kentucky Fried Chicken or a McDonald’s? Does that change your opinion on the matter? 

On another note, the developer’s traffic engineer testified last night. At one point the methodology behind developing traffic studies was brought into question. The engineer testified that trip counts are based on the size of the stores. What we wanted to ask was whether brand and advertising dollars are considered. For example, a Wawa spends millions of dollars on advertising, so a Wawa the same size as say a mom and pop gas station and convenience store aren’t really comparable. So again it is important to know who the tenant will be.

The next hearing date is Tuesday, September 30th at 7:00 p.m. at Old Borough Hall at West 8th and Fayette.