Interesting Article on ShopRunner, Which has a Major Office in Conshohocken

Technically Philly published an article today about, a membership driven e-commerce retailer featuring merchandise from different brands, that has an office in Conshohocken. The Conshy-centric parts of the article delve into the difference between tech-oriented employees in Silicon Valley and those in Conshohocken and how the company plans to grow its Conshohocken office.

From the article:

After close scrutiny, Yagan — who is cofounder of OkCupid and SparkNotes and the former CEO of — decided to move its headquarters from San Mateo, Calif., to Chicago, as well as strengthen its longstanding Conshohocken, Pa., location.

“When you work for a company out in the Silicon Valley, people tend to bounce around from job to job a lot,” said Bill Carpenter, tech lead in Conshohocken, who has worked at ShopRunner for six years. “Attrition is just a way of life.”

The same fact doesn’t hold true here, though. Looking at the data, ShopRunner found employees tend to be more committed to their jobs in this region compared to out west.

“We want to build a culture,” Carpenter stressed. “We want to find the best engineers in the Philadelphia area and have them for a long time to grow this company.”

So far, ShopRunner is making good on its word. Its staff jumped by approximately 70 percent in 2017, and management plans to hire “pretty aggressively” quarter over quarter in Conshohocken this year, Carpenter said.

You can read the entire article here.

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