Jason Salus and the Democrat Endorsed Candidates for Colonial School Board Try to Tie Fellow Democrats to Trump

Local Democratic Party leader Jason Salus, and his slate of Democratic Party endorsed candidates for Colonial School Board, has resorted to trying to tie fellow Democrats to President Trump in his desperation to win the race for five seats on the Colonial School Board. Even Trump isn’t buying it.


We have addressed a few of the points outlined in this advertisement before (pictured at top). For example, Susan Moore, Cathy Peduzzi and Beth Suchsland have all been previously endorsed by the local Democrats in past elections. Moore and Suchsland for school board and Peduzzi for Whitemarsh supervisor and school board. Now, Salus and the endorsed candidates for Colonial School Board claim their slate should win to protect the district from Trump’s education policies (which is implied Moore and the others would support).

Melissa Sterling and Jason Salus campaigning for former Republican Susan Moore (Mel Brodsky was also a former Republican).

Yes, Moore use to be a Republican. She switched to the Democratic Party prior to the 2015 election, before the rise of Trump. So yes, while a Republican, she was backed by the typical Republican donors. She switched parties and the Democrats endorsed her in 2015. Salus even handed out literature on her behalf (see above).

So what sin did Moore, Peduzzi and Suchsland commit?

Moore and Peduzzi, who currently serve on the board, did not go along with Salus-backed plans to switch the solicitor to a big Democratic Party donor and adopt a union-friendly “Responsible Contractors” policy. Suchsland spoke out at several meetings as a member of the public about various issues.

The other side of the mailer (other side pictured at top).

Over the weekend we have noticed several local Democrats condemning the advertisement. The one we saw shared the most was from Whitemarsh resident Darren Sudman. It states:

This is shameful, Colonial Democrats. I call BS when the President distracts us with tweets about “thirteen angry democrats.” I’ll call BS when you distract us with donations from 2007.

Sue Moore has served the Colonial School District for 17 years. In 2007, she ran on the Republican ticket and received donations. In 2015, she ran on the Democrat ticket and received donations (the ticket you assembled). She currently serves on the school board with Cathy Hebling Peduzzi (another Democrat). Actually, four of the five women running on this ticket are registered Democrats.

Why are the Colonial Democrats attacking the integrity of democrats from Colonial? Are we only welcome when we stand behind the organization?

This is precisely the conduct that we witnessed (and despised) at school board meetings over the past year. This behavior produced this “opposition” ticket. It has brought together Republicans, Independents and angry Democrats (myself included) to support a group of women who want to listen to and represent everyone.

This is a school board race. The board is responsible for setting policies that create well adjusted and educated students. The students are watching. We should lead (not mislead) by example.


We wonder if those who have endorsed and campaigned for the Leading Colonial Forward’s slate of candidates supports this advertisement (looking at you Val Arkoosh)? We are going to tag them in the Facebook post and see if we can get a response.