Jenn at Guppy’s

How did you come to live and/or work in Conshohocken?
I moved to Conshohocken a 2 ½ years ago from Bucks County when I decided to move in with my boyfriend. I met Robin at a softball game and introduced myself, and the rest is history! I just purchased my first home in West Conshohocken earlier this year and have been loving every second of it.

Tell us about your restaurant or bar….
I work at Guppy’s Good Times, on the corner of Elm and Maple. Guppy’s is your typical home-town bar but with some extra features. Our menu features all free-range and organic meats, as well as locally grown and supplied produce. We are extremely environmentally conscience as all of our menus are printed on recycled paper and we recycle every bottle that comes into the bar.

What is your favorite dish or drink at your work?
My favorite dish would have to be our Margarita flat bread pizza, it’s so good, with fresh basil and mozzarella and our crispy flat bread, it’s a must have! If you’re going for a drink our new Orange Whip is becoming a new favorite, with Whipped Cream Vodka, Tang and Gingerale. And of course, our signature, Conshy Crush!

Besides something from your place, what is your favorite dish or drink in Conshohocken?

I dream about the spare ribs and mac-n-cheese at the Stone Rose as well as Spamp’s Sushi. I also like to go to Coyote Crossing and get a margarita or two.

What are you involved in outside of work?
I also work for an Oral Surgeon Practice in Center City, so a lot of my time is taken up by working. But I am renovating my new home so you’ll most likely find me at Lowe’s or Home Depot in my free time. I also enjoy catching a Phillies Game, rooting on any Philly Sports Team or hanging with my boyfriend, dog and cat.

Dream locale to open a restaurant/bar?
I would love to open a little place on the water in one of the Carolina’s. Just to be surrounded by water and fresh seafood would be awesome!