Johnny Dee (DiTeodoro)

How did you come to live and/or work in Conshohocken?

I was born and raised in the ‘Pleasant Valley’.  Attended SS Cosmas & Damian school and church, Spring Mill Elem., Whitemarsh Jr High and graduated from P.W. and Central Montco Vo-Tech (Commercial Art).  Worked around town Consho. Flower Shop, Don-Len Trophies, Montco Graphics, etc.

What do you do (career wise)?

I’m a bit of a pirate.  First and foremost a drummer.  Making music and touring my whole life. First in local bands and then with a UK band called Waysted, which was my first “pro” gig.  A major label recording, supporting Iron Maiden on a World Tour.  Then returned home to join Britny Fox with another Conshy boy, Billy Degley (Childs). We had a blast at the height of the 80’s Metal Scene…playing locally, scoring deal with CBS, selling a s*itload of records and touring the world.  I also played with Billy in Philly band LeCompt for 6 years.  In 1993 I hooked up with German female vocalist Doro Pesch  (ex-Warlock).  She’s a legend in the Metal world and one of the first ladies of Rock.  We celebrated her 25th Year in Rock in ’08 and are still doing shows of all sizes all around the world every year.  There’s no feeling like entertaining and laying down a groove that makes people wanna move!

What are you involved in outside of work?

Most of my projects seem to be music related…In addition playing local shows when home, I’m currently doing some  “virtual sessions” in which an artist can send me their songs to record drums to.

I play as much as possible with my great friends Ernie & Neal.  They are a fun and energetic kid’s Rock & Roll band.  Their songs are educational and so well written…hitting the mark right between kids and parents.  Great stuff.  They’ve been played on WXPN quite a bit and were even invited to play an Easter Egg hunt on the White House lawn!  We do school workshops in which the kids help write songs and get to perform them at a concert for their families and the faculty.  It’s so fulfilling to work with children…interacting together and creating…and to entertain them and see that innocence, joy and openness to music.

I’ve done a few tours as a Tour Manager (pulling double duty on Doro US runs as TM and drummer) and do that for other bands from time to time.

I love to get back to my art and photography roots whenever possible.  Just to get a pencil, pen or brush in my hands instead of drumsticks haha.  I have a side biz with a partner doing custom home painting and design.  Everything from custom murals to faux finishes including brick, marble, tuscan plaster, etc. I’m working on a book of my photography from my musical odysseys that I’d like to publish.  I even do the odd computer graphic projects, designing CD artwork, logos and promo materials.  I enjoy Mountain and Road biking.  But, one of my most passionate hobbies is cooking!

What do you love most about Conshohocken?

The location is wonderful.  Always loved the hills and the views.  Of course the memories I have from growing up here are what I love most.  Sutcliffe park and the surrounding woods.  All the parks, actually.  The Silt Basin (anyone remember that???) My parent’s basement was an amazing gathering place for musicians and friends.  It was a wonderful time where whoever entered the door HAD to sit and eat, drink an espresso, do a shot and have a chat.  We’d listen to music for hours and jam at such a loud volume down there that my parent’s TV would be CRANKED upstairs…Bless their hearts, they were so supportive and patient. Ha! I miss that and would love to have a gathering place like that for creative people to hang.  This town could really use that…it needs more funkiness and ROCK & ROLL!!!!!!! I guess my next project will be bringing that to fruition…can’t think of a better place than Conshy!

What are your favorite places in Conshohocken?

I’m just starting to get acquainted with a lot of the newer places since being back in the area. I’ve got a lot of exploring to do…and I haven’t even been to West Conshy yet!

Lenny’s Deli – Lenny is a childhood friend, great guy and…Best sandwiches hands down.

ChangMai – Absolutely love Thai food.

Conshy Bakery, Totaro’s, Just discovered Isabella’s…a great spot.  Try the Sangria J.

The Schuylkill Bike Trail is great to jump on and roll into the city.

And who can forget the 1st Ikea in the USA…right here!!!

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