Lafayette Hill’s Nancy G. Braitman releases latest book in her Milo Loves… series

Lafayette Hill’s Nancy G. Braitman has released her latest book, Milo Loves the Seashore. The book is the newest installment in the Milo Loves… series, which follows the adventures of Milo, the adorable mini Bernedoodle, as he explores various environments and learns valuable life lessons along the way.

According to Braitman, Milo Loves the Seashore takes young readers on an exciting journey to the beach, where Milo discovers the wonders of the ocean, meets new friends, and learns about the joys and perils that can be found at the seashore. In addition to the children’s author and former special educator’s storytelling, the book includes vibrant illustrations by UArts student Lee Tew.

Braitman is hosting a book lunch party at The Cedars House in Chestnut Hill on March 23rd from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. This event will cater to older children and adults, and will be joined by illustrator Lee Tew. Additionally, there will be a special children’s story time on March 24th at 3:00 p.m., where Braitman will read Milo Loves the Seashore, as well as her first book Milo Loves the Park. Storytime will feature coloring activities and sing-a-longs, best suited for preschool age children. Both events offer a chance to get books signed by the author and to interact with Milo himself!

The book launch coincides with the end of Neurodivergence Week 2024. After her son was diagnosed with autism in 1996, Braitman left the world of sales to become a special educator and ELA instructor. Now retired, her focus has shifted to producing children’s books that can promote inclusivity, awareness and phonemic skill building.

Framed illustrations for sale will be hung on the walls at The Cedars House from now through April, which is recognized as Autism Awareness Month. Prints and a variety of other Milo merchandise will be available for purchase at both events and online.

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