Latest on the return of a dog park in Conshohocken

During the February 1st meeting of Conshohocken’s Borough Council, the future of the dog park along the Schuylkill River was discussed. The dog park was destroyed in September 2021 during the flooding that resulted from the remnants of Hurricane Ida. Since then the borough has held off on rebuilding it due to a potential flood and considered an alternative location.

Lumina, the apartment community adjacent to the dog park, has now offered to construct a new dog park at the same location and maintain and manage it. The dog park would be available to its residents and memberships would also be made available to the public. The deal would involve the borough licensing the property to Lumina for 10 years.

The dog park first opened in 2015 as part of a public/private partnership that saw Michael Rubin’s Kynetic (now known as Fanatics) pay for the construction of the dog park and the helipad, which would be owned by the borough.

The borough initially turned the dog park’s management over to a private non-profit entity that relied on memberships and donations to sustain the park. By 2018, the borough had taken back over the dog park and formed a committee to help oversee it.

From the start, the dog park had trouble staying open. Its location is within 100 feet of the river and the ground was often muddy. The park was closed for a month in 2017 and two months in 2018 and 2019 for repairs. Since the repairs in 2019, the park seemed to open for a long stretch until the flood in 2021 washed it away.

In 2017, the borough had planned to create a second dog park at Haines and Salvati Memorial Park off West Elm Street, but that plan was eventually dropped.

The licensing agreement with Lumina is scheduled to be before the borough council on February 15th for consideration.