The List: What Was There Before Today’s Conshohocken Restaurants – Part 1

What existed at the location of some of your favorite Conshohocken restaurants? Here is Part 1 of our list:

  • Southern Cross Kitchen, 8 East 1st Avenue, was for a short time a bar/restaurant called 8 East. The owners of 8 East rehabbed the space from what had been a long standing bar/restaurant called Toads and a next door newsstand.
  • Brunch, 521 Fayette Street, was the Conshohocken Cafe between 2011 and the middle of 2017. Prior to that it was a longtime diner called Boccella’s.
  • The StoneRose, 822 Fayette Street, was a dive bar called Y2K.
  • Masterpeace Grill, 523 Fayette Street, was for a short time Ponti’s Steaks & Spuds. Before that it was On A Roll, a sandwich shop.
  • The Lucky Dog, 16 East 1st Avenue, was Spamps between 2006 and 2014. Before that it was a funeral home.
  • Jimmy John’s, 101 Fayette Street, was a nail salon for years.
  • Guppy’s Good Times, 2 Maple Street, was Pat’s Bar.
  • Bar Lucca, 729 East Hector Street, was Totaro’s for five decades.
  • ‘feine, 812 Fayette Street, was an interior designer’s office.
  • Jasper’s Backyard, 101 East 7th Avenue, was a bar called Casmar Cafe for years.