Local voters by the numbers for Conshohocken, West Conshohocken, Plymouth and Whitemarsh

For the November 2nd election, there are 595,328 registered voters in Montgomery County. Within that number, you will find 297,228 Democrats, 203,797 Republicans, 3,111 Libertarians, almost 700 Greens, and. approximately 80,000 claiming to be Independents using a variety of terms.

The balance represents everything from Communists to National Socialists to Jedi, and the Pizza Party.

Locally, the numbers are as follows:

Borough of Conshohocken

Registered Voters: 6,548
Democratic Party: 3,309
Republican Party: 1,995
Libertarian Party: 52
Green Party: 7
Independent/Non-Partisan/No Party: 1,100 (approximately)

Borough of West Conshohocken

Registered Voters: 1,152
Democratic Party: 573
Republican Party: 401
Libertarian Party: 8
Green Party: 1
Independents/Non-Partisan/No Party: 145 (approximately)

Plymouth Township

Registered Voters: 12,605
Democratic Party: 6,325
Republican Party: 4,402
Libertarian Party: 42
Green Party: 10
Independents/Non-Partisan/No Party: 500 (approximately)

Whitemarsh Township

Registered Voters: 15,182
Democratic Party: 7,285
Republican Party: 5,570
Libertarian Party: 50
Green Party: 13
Independents/Non-Partisan/No Party: 800 (approximately)