Mary Beth at Baggataway

How did you come to live and/or work in Conshohocken?

I work in human resources full time here in Conshohocken and reside in West Conshocken.

I grew up in Blue Bell and am part of a very large extended family that lives in the Philadelphia area, this is home!  I chose to move to Conshohocken specifically because I have a sister who lived here for a while when she was around my age and she really loved all it had to offer.  I have a group of girlfriends that live here as well, which is very convenient being within walking distance to meet for drinks or dinner.

Tell us about your restaurant or bar….

I am a server at the best bar in Conshohocken  If you don’t believe me, just get in here!   Baggataway’s has a great product –delicious food, incredible beers and as someone who personally loves wine we just recently stepped up our wine menu to include some amazing new wine’s.  Baggataway’s  just a has a friendly neighborhood feel,  great people come here. West Conshohocken is just better by the way.

The Bagg  team  likes to make sure we are empowering our customers to decide what they like –by  telling them how we personally would describe a craft beer, then  allowing them to try it,  –  they really enjoy being part of this experience!  I love being part of this industry. Getting to talk to people about food and beer is so much fun!

What is your favorite dish or drink?

Hands Down-  I love our wings!!!!!  Our soups are also yummy, so fresh – homemade everyday something new. At times I crave the P &G Salad, with the blackened chicken.  Woops, I said a few too many!

Besides something from your place, what is your favorite dish or drink in Conshohocken?

Duck Salad at Stone Rose! So Amazing!!!!!  Right Now the Pumpkin Martini at Spamps is quite yummy and a sweet treat!  I also a would have to say I go to Andy’s Diner has become my weekend breakfast hotspot. Great Omelettes!

What are you involved in outside of work?

I love spending time with friends and family, I love watching local sports teams and going to games in the area.  I work a lot so the free time I have, I do this. I go on long runs, play field hockey, and my boyfriend and I just recently started to attempt making tennis a new hobby, we are not all that great but we have fun.

Dream locale to open a restaurant/bar?

I lived in Grand Cayman and have a plan to move back one day and open a brunch bar on the beach.  Some day!!!!