Missed Connection: Bad parking job at the Giant at the Metroplex

While a poor parking job is something to be mocked, it isn’t something to get upset over. This fella got all bent out of a shape over a bad parking job outside the Giant at the Metroplex and ends this story implying he has a gun under his winter coat.

From Craigslist.com’s Missed Connections:

I parked next to you. You were sitting in the driver seat with engine off but your car was sticking out 5 feet into the lane; you should’ve backed up another 5 feet into the parking space. (Hint: those white lines actually mean something.) As I got out of my vehicle and walked past you I said “Is there a reason you’re parked like that?”. I was walking away but heard you get out of your car and yell something at me. I said “go screw yourself” and kept walking into Giant.

Ten minutes later inside Giant you and your husband came up behind me and asked me what my problem was. I said hello and extended my hand to shake his hand but he blew off my attempt to be civil. I explained (again) that you were parked sticking out into the lane. You called me a liar and said “look at me, I’ve been crying” blah blah. I said that has nothing to do with me, I don’t want to start trouble but you should’ve backed up into the parking space. You again called me a liar and told me I had plenty of parking spaces to use. I said that has nothing to do with you sticking out of your spot blocking traffic. Your badass husband kept staring me down and obviously wanted to start shit with me but I kept calm and de-escalated it until you both walked away. Smart move. You never know when a stranger is concealed carrying under his winter coat.

Here’s some free advice: don’t drive like an asshole and you won’t have to worry about what people say to you.

Have a nice day.