Missed Connection: Ladies Who Attended the 2007ish PW Junior Prom

One of the guys who DJ’ed the PW Junior Prom back around 2007 is creepily looking the girls that were at the after party. Apparently he and the other DJ’s got fired when the school called the DJ company and complained there were old guys hitting on the teenagers. Here is the post from CraigsList.com:

My friends and I djed the PW junior prom around 2007. After the prom we were invited to hang out at someone’s house for an afterparty. A few of has had a fun time with a few of the girls and it led to the firing of some of us when the school found out. It’s been so long but I can’t remember the name of the girls who showed us a great time. Maybe if you see this, you’ll remember that night and the awesome basement party, and the Djs who crashed it

Let us know if you were there.