Montco state representative to introduce a resolution to impeach Joe Gale

State Representative Joe Webster (D) has announced plans to introduce a resolution in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to call for the impeachment of Montgomery County Commissioner Joseph C. Gale. Webster represents the Collegeville area.

In his announcement, Webster cited Gale’s June 1st statement claiming Black Lives Matter was responsible for “urban domestic terror.” Gale released the statement on county letterhead without the input of other commissioners. His two fellow commissioners censured him after the statement was released.

Webster is currently circulating a co-sponsorship memo for the resolution, which allows other representatives the opportunity to support the move.

“Commissioner Gale’s use of public office to disparage a large number of our community members – his constituents – and his contempt for those marching for racial justice make him unsuitable to represent a diverse county and its interests,” said Webster, “Citizens who exercise the rights guaranteed them by the U.S. and Pennsylvania constitutions should not be met with such disdain from their own government officials.”

“Impeachment is the only constitutional mechanism to hold Commissioner Gale accountable, and I’m introducing this resolution to ensure that he is,” Webster said. “I hope that my colleagues on both sides of the aisle will join me in working to hold elected officials in our state to the highest possible standards of decency and responsibility.”

Photo: Gale during a county press conference