Montgomery County Commissioners argue over masks during daily press conference

During today’s press conference, Montgomery County Commissioners Dr. Val Arkoosh (D) and Joe Gale (R) argued about the use of masks during the pandemic.

Arkoosh and Gale were both exposed to Coronavirus by fellow commissioner Ken Lawrence who learned of his positive test result on Mother’s Day. Gale announced the following day he would not be tested and hasn’t remained in isolation.

On Saturday, Gale attended an event at Saint Matthew’s Cemetery in Conshohocken. Veterans and others were placing flags at veterans’ graves in the lead up for Memorial Day. Gale was not masked and was handing out flags.

The flags became a hot topic recently because Arkoosh and Lawrence voted to not release the county owned flags the veterans normally would use. Since these flags were unavailable, the local VFW in Conshohocken raised funds and bought their own flags.

During today’s press conference Arkoosh went into detail about a new chart the county released that involves the number of cases in several categories and how they compare with Governor Wolf’s goal to move from phase red to phase yellow and a partial reopening. She then discussed the importance of masks.

Gale then described his participation in the event on Saturday and didn’t mention his decision regarding whether to not wear a mask or isolate himself.

Arkoosh then outlined Gale’s exposure, his decision to not be tested or quarantined, and attendance at the event unmasked and without gloves. She asked the public to not follow Gale’s example.

Arkoosh was ending the press conference, but Gale chimed back in and accused her of mask shaming him, taking a cheap shot, and trying to scare the county’s residents.

It is all in the video. Let us know what you think in the comments.