Neighbors concerned about proposed patio at former Carol’s Place in Conshohocken

The hearing involving the zoning relief sought by the new owners of the former Carol’s Place property located at 201 West 6th Avenue in Conshohocken was opened on May 20th before Conshohocken’s zoning hearing board. The zoning relief sought involves a proposal to add a 1,041 square foot outdoor dining patio. The new owner is Conshohocken Avila Real Estate, LLC.

The new owners plan to create a new restaurant that will feature seasonal cocktails, California wines, and lite bites. The addition of the patio triggers the need for zoning relief due to the expansion of a nonconforming use (the restaurant existing within a residential zoning district) and the required off-street parking that comes with the new square footage.

We were unable to attend the hearing, but a source who attended shared that the proposal generated significant pushback from neighbors. The main concerns from neighbors involved parking, noise, and lights.

The zoning hearing board did not render a decision. The applicant requested a continuance to June to allow them to address the neighbor’s concerns.

We will follow-up in June.