New Mediterranean Inspired Dishes at Isabella

Chef Mario Rodriguez-Feo has created some new Mediterranean inspired dishes at Isabella. Menu highlights includes Spring Succotash of Charred Corn, maitake mushrooms, piquillo peppers, green beans and and garlic aioli ($9); And Spanish Seafood Gumbo (pictured) with Shrimp, Mussels, Corn, Okra, Fiddle Heads and piquillo peppers bathed in a basil tomato broth ($23).

Moving forward, diners can expect to see many vegetarian options, as Chef Rodriguez-Feo continues to incorporate seasonal dishes into his ever-changing daily menu.

“We want our vegetarian guests to feel welcome and to have a full dining experience at Isabella,” explains Chef Mario Rodroguez-Feo. Throughout the spring and summer, we will feature specials to complement the fruits and vegetables of the season.”

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New Spring Dishes at Isabella
A la carte menu is also available

Small Plates
Red Orb Radish | 7
roasted radishes, pecorino cheese, local honey

Spring Succotash | 9
charred corn, maitake mushrooms, piquillo peppers, green beans and garlic aioli

Piquillo Relleno | 10
feta cheese pine nuts and roasted ramps

Main Plates

Spanish Seafood Gumbo | 23
shrimp, mussels, corn, okra, fiddlehead ferns and piquillo peppers bathed in basil tomato broth