New Office Building on West Elm Receives Final Approval

Last week Conshohocken’s Borough Council agreed to a deal with Equus Capital Partners to allow them to develop the Neve property at West Elm Street and Corson Streets. The developer was approved to build an apartment community on the property a couple years ago, but then went and sought approval for an office building. An office building was approved last year, however, over the past couple of months the developer sought approvals to add an additional 25′ to the height of the building.

Borough Council’s approval of the additional 25′ came with conditions. The developer has to build a bathroom facility along the Schuylkill River Trail and pay a $500,000 traffic impact fee. During the meeting a representative from the developer stated when asked that it does have a tenant for the building.

The Philadelphia Business Journal reported on this project yesterday and mentioned how the new turnpike entrance and exit at Conshohocken Road and Ridge Pike is scheduled for completion in 2020 and this building could be the first in a wave of redevelopment that pushes up river.

Rendering D2CA Architects.