NFL Wrap-Up – Week 1

Titans 10

Steelers 13

A tough defensive game that went into overtime and was finally won when Ben Rothlisberger orchestrated the game winning drive.  Troy Polamalu became the latest victim of the Madden curse.  One down, and one to go, now.

Eagles 38

Panthers 10

Looked like the Panthers were going to dominate the Eagles when they scored on their first drive of the day, but the Philadelphia defense woke-up and got in the head of Del Hommie forcing him to make mistakes and eventually get benched.  The Eagles lost QB Donovan McNabb for 3-4 weeks and possibly longer due to a broken rib.  Fortunately the schedule is relatively easy for them while McNabb can heal.

Dolphins 7

Falcons 19

Looks like the Falcons have discovered how to defend the wildcat offense.  With the Colts and Chargers next up on the schedule, Miami might start the season 0-3.

Broncos 12

Bengals 7

Broncos get lucky and win on a last second prayer that bounced off the helmet of a Cincinnati defender and into the hands of Brandon Stokley for what would be the game winning touchdown.

Vikings 34

Browns 20

Brett Favre makes his debut dressed in purple, but is completely overshadowed by Adrian Peterson and his 180 yards rushing.

Jaguars 12

Colts 14

Manning had 301 yards passing and tied Unitas’ record for most franchise wins in Colts’ history while holding off the pesky Jaguars

Lions 27

Saints 45

Drew Brees had a ridiculous game throwing for 358 yards and 6 touchdowns.  Lions are still a bad team.

Cowboys 34

Buccaneers 21

Romo has a good game and looks like he has reached a good comfort level with Patrick Crayton.  The Buccaneers need a better defense.

Chiefs 24

Ravens 38

Chiefs stink.  I don’t know what to make of this game.  Is Joe Flacco that good?  Or, are the Chiefs that bad?

Jets 24

Texans 7

Say goodbye to any hopes of the playoffs Houston.

Redskins 17

Giants 23

The score is deceiving.  Giants dominated the Redskins in this game.

49ers 20

Cardinals 16

Will the Cardinals be the next in a long line of Super Bowl losers to miss the playoffs the next season?  If that’s their goal, they are off to a good start.

Rams 0

Seahawks 28

When your team doesn’t have one player left from the 2006 draft on its roster shutouts will result.

Bears 15

Packers 21

The Bears offense doesn’t look so great with Cutler.  He has got to stop throwing interceptions.

–Sean Dempsey