No Estimate for When Key Portion of Butler Pike Will Reopen

It only took since August, but Montgomery County finally put out a statement on paper about the closure of Butler Pike between Germantown Pike and Flourtown/Plymouth Roads. We are told this step was only taken have Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale (R) asked staff to prepare an update for residents.

Below is the statement:

Emergency repairs are underway to stabilize the ground beneath the roadway after a large sinkhole developed in August 2018. Emergency repairs to relocate the utilities and stabilize the ground have been underway to prevent further damage to the roadway from occurring.

The County is contracting with a geotechnical engineering firm to evaluate ground conditions in the area. That work will have to be completed and any conditions found will need to be addressed before engineering or design work can begin to replace the culvert and rebuild the roadway. We do not yet have an estimate for when the roadway can be reopened.

The County has initiated our emergency procurement procedures to expedite this process. We will continue to coordinate with the Township and residents to make the needed repairs to get the roadway reopened as quickly and as safely as possible.

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