Outdoor Dining in Conshy

Want to enjoy a great meal and the nice weather?  There are two types of outdoor dining available in Conshohocken/West Conshohocken.  The first is when the outdoor seating is on the restaurant’s property and the second is what is considered a “sidewalk cafe.” Both are available year round based on the weather, and specific to the “sidewalk cafes” having the proper permit from the Borough.  So where specifically is outdoor dining available?

On-Property Outdoor Dining:

  • Coyote Crossing – They have a large outdoor patio
  • Spamps – They have a section called “The Grotto”
  • Baggataway – They have a deck out back
  • Gypsy Saloon – They have several tables out front

Sidewalk cafes can be found at:

  • The StoneRose
  • Trattoria Totaro
  • The Conshohocken Cafe
  • Fayette Street Grille
  • Blackfish
  • Pasta Via
  • Guppy’s – Coming Soon
  • Totaro’s
  • The Great American Pub
  • Deli on 4th
  • Lenny’s Deli
  • Jimmy John’s

I didn’t call around to see who had their permit in effect or their tables out yet, but these are places that have definitely put tables out in the past (so call ahead).  Please note that most places (and the sidewalk cafes that serve alcohol are required to do this) only serve alcohol to those ordering entrees.  This means you can’t sit outside all day and drink at a sidewalk cafe and possibly can’t at a restaurant that owns the property with outdoor seating.  So check with the specific restaurants about their policy.

Please note that this weather sort of surprised everyone, so some of the restaurants may not have been prepared for outdoor dining this early.