Owning your own electricity. Lafayette Hill’s Steve Waxman explains

Lafayette Hill resident Steve Waxman created Waxman Solar Solutions after placing solar on his own house in Lafayette Hill. Waxman Solar wants to help families and businesses “own their electricity”. When you place solar on your roof you gain freedom and you lock in your cost for the life of the system, systems can last over 40 years, essentially you own your own electricity. Waxman oversees the entire process of installing solar panels on your roof, to flipping the switch for the first time. To get a savings report all Waxman needs is a copy of your electric bill.

The kilowatt explained

A kilowatt is the measure of 1,000 watts of electrical power. A kilowatt hour or kWh is the measure of how much electricity you are using per hour and the basic unit of electric energy that customers are charged for electricity by providers.

If you could lock in your cost of a kilowatt today and for the next 40 years, would you do it? For example, if you could have paid the same price for a gallon of gas when you started driving would you have done it? If you want to know what your price per kilowatt total cost of the current bill, divided by the total current kWh used for the month and that is the price per kWh.

Owning your own electricity

When you go solar, you are producing your own electricity and you are locking in a price per kilowatt that will not increase for the life of the system.  Keep in mind that you no longer pay to have your power sent to you from a long distance, it’s from your roof to your home. If you own an Electric Vehicle or want to replace natural gas or oil, you can take advantage of solar and eliminate your bill at the gas pump. In June 2022, there was an 8.1% increase from the utility, another increase is just around the corner!

Maintaining the grid

The utility company charges us for the upkeep of the power plant, the transmission stations, and the distribution of electricity to your home. On your bill, you can see that 40% goes toward taking care of the antiquated grid. When you have solar you pay for your system, and it only travels from your roof to your electric panel.  

Is your home right for solar? 

Qualifying for Solar

Every home and business is different and there are variables that need to be looked at, shading, site location (azimuth), usage, condition of the roof, size of the roof, square footage of the roof, main panel, and electrical service to the home. If you want to find out if solar makes sense for you, please book a 15-minute discovery call to discuss.

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