P.J. Whelihan’s seeking to open location at the Plymouth Square Shopping Center in Conshohocken

During the February 6th meeting of Plymouth Township’s council, Township Manager Karen Weiss informed the members of the council that P.J. Whelihan’s had submitted an application with the township for a hearing involving an inter-municipal liquor license transfer. The property involved is space within the Plymouth Square Shopping Center at the intersection of Ridge and Butler pikes in Conshohocken (Plymouth Township).

This type of hearing is necessary when a license is purchased and the new owner wants to transfer it from one municipality to another. If Plymouth Township’s council approves the transfer, P.J. Whelihan’s will then undergo a transfer process with the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

There was a little discussion about where exactly the restaurant would be located within the shopping center. It sounded as if there would be an outdoor portion in the area near REI that had been Whitemarsh Jewelers (that would be opened up). There would also be a portion on the backside of the building with an elevator connecting the two levels. But, that is not confirmed.

A date was not mentioned in regard to the hearing.

Plymouth’s council recently approved a similar transfer for Cracker Barrell at The Metroplex.

More to come.