PennDOT Considering Allowing I-76’s Shoulder to be Used During Peak Times

At a conference held by the Philadelphia Business Journal, Secretary of Transportation Leslie Richards revealed that PennDOT is considering allowing the shoulder of I-76 to be used as a lane during peak hours. From the journal:

In a major initiative that will be the first for Pennsylvania, motorists will be able to drive on all three lanes – including the shoulder – during peak times on portions of I-76, the PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards revealed Thursday at the Philadelphia Business Journal’s 2016 Economic Conference.

The long-range goal is not as simple as just opening up shoulder lanes for traffic. Design and environmental challenges and concerns also come into play, including if structures need to be modified or widened.
“It’s something the department is focused on,” PennDOT assistant press secretary Gene Blaum told the Business Journal.

Two intersections on I-76 were named among of the most congested areas in the United States, according to a study by the American Highway Users Alliance, causing an annual delay of about 700,000 hours and 300,000 hours.

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