Pieri Restaurants Partners with Boardroom Spirits for Private Label Line of Flavored Spirits

Pieri Restaurants, owner of The StoneRose, Bar Lucca and yet-to-be-named new restaurant opening in Conshy, has partnered with Boardroom Spirits of Lansdale for a private label line of flavored spirits. Brian Pieri shared, “The Stonerose was founded to bring the best of everything local to our guests. We have proudly served the best locally available foods, beers, and even wines since we opened seven years ago. Finding great new local products is our passion, so it was a no brainer when we discovered Boardroom Spirits, who are making fantastic small batch spirits right in Lansdale, PA.”

The relationship between the two began when The StoneRose began carrying the Double Gold Medal, non-GMO corn, Boardroom Vodka a few months ago. Stonerose had already been offering house infused flavored spirits since late last year. A conversation began and Boardroom Spirits was able to create new, custom flavored spirits just for Pieri’s restaurants under its own private label.

Pieri continued, “The best part about this collaboration is our like-minded philosophy of executing the highest caliber flavors and experience for our customers without taking shortcuts. For example, the Pieri Restaurants line of flavored vodkas use real fruit, not juices or concentrates. The aromas, flavors, and color of our private label vodka come naturally and there are ZERO artificial sweeteners, flavors, preservatives, or colors used.” Boardroom and Pieri Restaurants work together on picking flavors, tasting different recipes and proofs, and even designing the labels.

The StoneRose and Bar Lucca currently have Citrus vodka available. Strawberry, and additional flavors, are in the work and will be available later this year.