Plan for townhouses on former David’s Bridal property in Conshohocken receives zoning relief to move forward

During a hearing on May 8th, the Whitemarsh Township Zoning Hearing Board voted to grant zoning relief to a developer who plans 49 townhouses for the former David’s Bridal property at 1001 Washington Street in Conshohocken (Whitemarsh Township).

The developer, HT 1001 Washington, LLC, initially proposed to build apartments on top of the existing parking garage and 25 townhouses where the office building currently stands. That plan was reviewed as a sketch plan by the township’s planning commission and received some pushback as the parking garage as built prevents proper riverfront access. The developer than returned with a plan for all townhouses and sought zoning relief.

This approval solves a key problem for the riverfront impacting both Whitemarsh Township and the Borough of Conshohocken. The David’s Bridal office building prevented the full opening of Washington Street due to its proximity to the railroad tracks. With the demolition of the building to make way for the townhouses, Washington Street can be opened for two way traffic and provide another option off the riverfront for the thousands of people who are now living there.

For example, if someone living in the apartments near Conshohocken Station wants to go the retail centers at Ridge and Butler pikes, they will no longer need to use East Hector or Fayette streets. They will now be able to use Washington Street, turn left onto Lee Street to cross the tracks, turn right to use one block of East Hector Street, and turn left up North Lane.

In addition to the townhouses, there will also be public access amenities to include a kayak boat ramp and boardwalk.

Rendering – HT 1001 Washington, LLC