Plymouth Meeting woman charged with second degree murder in connection with robbery and murder of her boyfriend in Norristown

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele and Norristown Police Chief Jacqueline Bailey-Davis have announced the arrest of Katherine Emel, 29, of Plymouth Meeting (Plymouth Township), on Second-Degree Murder, Robbery and Conspiracy charges related to the killing of her boyfriend, William Carter, on January 20, 2024 in Norristown.

According to the announcement, the investigation found that Emel communicated with Daquan Allen, one of the four people who have been charged in Carter’s murder, regarding Carter’s recent gambling wins and his location on the day he was killed. Carter was driving a vehicle owned by Emel that had a tracking device on it. Investigators also located video that shows Allen and Emel meeting in Philadelphia following the murder and Allen giving $700 to Emel.

“When you assist other people in committing a dangerous felony like robbery and the target of the robbery is murdered, then under the law, you are responsible for their murder as well,” said District Attorney Steele. “In this case, this defendant is charged with Second-Degree Murder, which is a homicide that occurs during the commission of a felony.”

Emel turned herself in on February 7th 2024, and was charged with Second-Degree Murder,
Robbery and Conspiracy. She was arraigned by Magisterial District Judge Todd Stephens. No
bail is available for Second-Degree Murder, and she was remanded to the Montgomery
County Correctional Facility.