Plymouth Meeting woman prolific killer of spotted lanternflies. Has amassed 13,000+ confirmed kills

Spotlight PA published an article about spotted lanternflies and how the effort to kill them has waned over time. Mentioned in the article is Harriett Campbell of Plymouth Meeting, who has over 13,000 confirmed kills that were tracked on an app. From the article:

Harriet Campbell, a retiree in Plymouth Meeting, Montgomery County, is that woman. At one point she was among the app’s most prolific users and amassed an astounding 13,000-plus confirmed kills. (She says she remains in the all-time top three.)

Campbell acknowledges her body count is down these days but says it isn’t apathy as much as opportunity: Her condominium removed several trees and the bugs just aren’t around like they used to be.

“At one point they were all over the windows and walls, like soldiers marching. I had recently retired and they were driving me crazy. And so, you know, I just started whacking them. And then it became sort of an OCD thing and a passion.”

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