Plymouth Township police offer details and clarification on incident at Metroplex in Plymouth Meeting

We have noticed a few social media posts that claim there was an armed robbery at the Ross Dress for Less at the Metroplex in Plymouth Meeting. inquired with the Plymouth Township Police Department to confirm and seek additional details.

According to the department, it has not received any reports of an armed robbery or an attempted armed robbery at the Ross Dress for Less at the Metroplex. If anyone has any information about an incident of this nature, they are encouraged to call the department at (610) 279-1901.

However, there was attempted retail theft at Marshalls at the Metroplex and the suspect was eventually arrested at Ross Dress for Less.

Below is a statement from the Plymouth Township Police Department:

There was a retail theft incident that our Officers responded to at the Marshals (sic) Department Store in the evening hours of May 25, 2022. (I believe this incident coincides with the Facebook postings) During that retail theft investigation, Officers located the male suspect at the Ross Dress for Less and attempted to take him into custody. While taking the male into custody, the suspect resisted arrest and attempted to assault our Officers by physically punching and biting them. The suspect was ultimately taken into custody and charged with Aggravated Assault on Police, Retail Theft, Narcotics and other related offenses. At the time of his preliminary arraignment, he was remanded to the Montgomery County Correctional Facility after not posting the $10,000 cash bail.

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