Reindeer Games at Core + More Studio

Core + More Studio invites you to participate in the 2012 Reindeer Games!

Do you have trouble staying motivated to exercise during the busy holiday season? Do you get caught up in the stress and noise, and put your health and fitness on the back burner? Then the Reindeer Games are just what you need.

The concept is simple: Exercise = Points = Prizes = Healthy & Fit!

In addition to maintaining your health and fitness, you will also be less stressed, have more energy, and be mentally prepared to tackle what is ahead of you at this busy time. There will also be a donation theme each week, so you will be helping others at the same time.

Points can be earned for working out at the studio and on your own. There will be ways to earn extra points by bringing in a donation based on the weekly theme, trying different class formats, and attending the weekly bonus class. There are 3 different prize categories so everyone can earn a prize. The prizes are discounts on future class cards and free class cards so you can continue your fitness journey into the New Year!

No special forms to fill out. All can participate. Rules and prize information are on the website.