Restaurant Week Preview Party at Londonbury

Thank you to Bryce at Southern Wines & Spirits for donating wine for the event.

Thank you to Londonbury at Millennium for hosting the Preview Party.

Brian from The StoneRose, Bruce from Londonbury, Jim from The StonerRose and the chef from The StoneRose.

Emily from Blackfish served chilled Carrot Soup.

Phil and Rob from Guppy’s Good Times.

Marianne from Stella Blu and Stew from Baggataway.

Sushi from Spamps.

Kelly, Kim, Joni, Katie, Jaime and Robin.

Sushi from Spamps.

Flat bread from Pasta Via.

Pasta Via’s spread.

The spread from Trattoria Totaro.

The spread from Baggataway.

The Baggataway’s famous MVP sandwich in slider form.

Carly and Melissa.

Betty from Pasta Via with her husband.

Megan and Rob.

Mayor Bob Frost and Fire Chief Stephen Phipps.

Boyd and PJ.


Danny and Joseph.


Rob, of Edwards-Freeman, with Carly and Melissa.

Sara with two guests.

Guests enjoying the spread from Guppy’s.

Jim from The StoneRose and Stew from Baggataway.

The crew from O’Neill Properties.

Gene from the Boathouse

Baby Back Ribs from the Boathouse.


Leiza, Nicole and Noel.


Andrew Totaro waves from the balcony of one of the model units, where Totaro’s hosted guests throughout the evening.

Andrew Totaro greets guests coming into the model unit.

Liam and Vera.

Andrew Totaro and guest.

Paul and Tommy from Pepperoncini, which also hosted guests in a model unit.

A small portion of the spread put out by Pepperoncini.

Guests checking out a model unit.

Guests in the Londonbury’s clubhouse.

Maggie and Jenna from the Londonbury.


Members of the Philadelphia Fight rugby team joined the party after practice.

Debbie and Desiree.