Sit Meditation Space Open in Lafayette Hill

Sit Meditation Space, the Philadelphia area’s first modern meditation studio, opened its doors on May 13th at 535 Germantown Pike in Lafayette Hill. The studio offers classes and workshops relating to the practice of mindfulness meditation, with goals of stress relief and self-reflection.

Over 30 classes are offered each week, lasting from 30 to 45 minute. Classes are guided by experienced instructors with unique teaching styles. The wide range of classes explore various types of meditation techniques aimed at creating space for silence and stillness.

Sit offers classes for families and children of all ages to encourage self-esteem, emotional development, and improved relationships with one another. Beginners are welcome and encouraged to learn the fundamentals and gain basic knowledge of this meaningful practice.

The studio is comprised of three main spaces: two classrooms and a community room. This “shared space” offers comfortable seating, an array of local, nutritious snacks and drinks as well as unique clothing and jewelry. The community room is the ideal setting to enjoy lunch, read a book, shop or converse with like-minded individuals—friends and strangers alike.

Sit Meditation Space believes meditation is the best medium for providing people of all ages with peace and the gift of living in the present moment. As owner Jason Blau says, “Meditation is a single point of focus and the practice provides us with tools to refocus our minds and silence the background noise.”

For a limited time, Sit is offering two weeks of unlimited classes for only $25. Visit its website for a full class schedule, or drop by the studio to learn more.